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Plumbing Forum goal is to keep businesses and employees in the HVAC industry well informed about the outside world and the importance for the company. It can be about politics, education, employment, business or technology. Plumbing Forum is indispensable for the HVAC industry, but also affect many more than plumbers. To be included in the HVAC Forum means that you reach all the plumbing company of importance, in an era of the construction boom, renovation and energy efficiency. It will be built about 700 000 homes by 2025, new nearly zero-energy requirements introduced in 2019 and 2021, while there has never been a stronger focus on sustainability. All the while increasing the value of service systems. But you can also reach competitors, owners, clients / developers, consultants, local government officials, politicians, contractors and installers. A total of 32,000 readers of the magazine, nearly 22,000 subscribers of plumbing Forum newsletter which is published every week. Web about 25,000 unique visitors per week, and about 6,000 followers of plumbing Forum social media like Facebook and Twitter.

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