We accept advertising material as high-resolution, print-optimised PDFs, via email or a file service such as Sprend.com. ICC profiles and job options for Indesign can be down-loaded from www.v-tab.se/tjanster/farginstallningar-magasin/
For prepress questions, please contact V-tab's prepress department directly: prepress@v-tab.se, phone +46 10 480 65 90. For perfect printing results, the following specification should be followed:

1. Format and format settings
Use high-resolution (300 dpi) print-optimised PDF format.
Images should be converted to the printer's ICC profile and high resolution, 300 dpi.
Fonts used must be included.
In the case of a bleeding ad, cut marks must be indicated. OPI links must not be used.

2. Text, font
Use only Type 1, Open Type or Unicode postscript fonts. Other font types may not be used, including composite fonts.
Avoid ligatures.

3. Colour space
No colour spaces other than CMYK may be used in the advertisement.
RGB, Pantone or ”spot colors” and similar must not be used.
Do not use 4-colour in black text.

4. Size
Always deliver the ad in size 100 percent of the booked space.
Ads with bleed must be screen-marked and delivered with a minimum of 5 mm screen margin. Full page 210 x 280 mm (+ 5 mm bleed) and cover 420 x 280 mm (+ 5 mm bleed). Please note for spreads that the magazine is glued and that the information in the middle of the ad disappears into the bundle. Allow about 5 mm in each direction from the centre.